The Management Board of STS Holding S.A. (the “Company”) announces that on June 22, 2022, the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company adopted a resolution on the payment of dividends from the profit for 2021. The amount allocated for dividend payment: PLN 57,917,934.46 Number of shares covered by the dividend: PLN 156,534,958 Dividend value per share: PLN 0,37 The remaining amount will be allocated to the supplementary capital of the Company in the amount of PLN 178,165.63. The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders set the dividend date on August 16, 2022, and the dividend payment date on: August 26, 2022.

Legal basis: Art. 19 sec. 2 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of March 29, 2018 on current and interim information delivered by issuers of securities and the conditions for recognizing as equivalent the information required by the laws of a non-member state (Dz.U.2018.757).

Legal basis: Art. 56 sec. 1 pt 2 of the Act on Offering – current and periodic information