The Management Board of STS Holding S.A. (the “Company”) informs that with reference to the current report 8/2022, it updated the resolution on the recommendation to the General Meeting of Shareholders concerning the distribution of the net profit achieved by the Company in the financial year 2021. Thus, the Management Board recommended that the net profit achieved by the Company in 2021 in the amount of PLN 58,096,100.09 be divided as follows:

1) PLN 57,917,934.46 to be allocated for the payment of dividends to the Company’s shareholders (PLN 0.37 per share);

2) PLN 178,165.63 to be allocated to the Company’s supplementary capital.

The Management Board’s proposal was approved by the Supervisory Board of the Company at the meeting on June 6, 2022; however, the final decision regarding the distribution of profit for the year ended December 31, 2021, including the possible payment of the dividend and its amount, will be made by the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company.

The Management Board of the Company also explains that other information contained in the current report 8/2022 – concerning, inter alia, payment of the remaining part of the net profit of STS S.A. achieved in 2021 in the amount of PLN 85,871,021.17 in the form of dividends for the sole shareholder, i.e. STS Holding S.A. – remain unchanged.

Legal basis: Art. 17. sec. 1 of MAR – confidential information